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World Autism Awareness Day
Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai in association with Ahura Support Centre, Child Raise Trust, Forum for Autism, Jai Vakeel Foundation, OM Creations Trust, Santosh Institute, SOPAN, Sulabha Trust, Sankalp Special Education Centre observed World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April 2019. This year’s theme was ‘Assistive technologies and active participation’.

To spread the message of autism awareness, various activities & programmes were conducted in NSCM’s premise viz: hands-on fun learning activities, clay modelling etc. An exhibition on art and articles prepared by special children was the programme attraction; a visit was also arranged to Vintage Car Exhibition ‘Heritage on Wheels’. Some of the participants enjoyed a special ride in the vintage car. The participants tied bands with a message ‘World Autism Awareness Day – 2nd April 2019’ to the general visitors. Also all the participants put on unique badges to mark the event.

Around 290 representatives, instructors, teachers, parents and special children & adults were present for the day long programme. They were all served with refreshment.
To widen the reach and for including the distant participants, a badge for the autism day was designed at the Centre and soft copy was shared with the Education Officer, Dy Director of Education, Mumbai. They were requested to share with the schools and appeal them to print & wear the badges. The Education Officer circulated the message to the schools all across Maharashtra through social media.  Some of the schools responded to the request. Students from Savitribai Thirani School, Thane drew some posters for autism awareness and also wore the badges.

As blue colour symbolises autism awareness, Nehru Science Centre’s main building was lit with blue colour on 1st and 2nd April 2019.

Hindi Workshop
Workshop on ‘Use of Hindi Language in official works’ was conducted on 5th April 2019 at the Centre. Shri Ved Prakash Gaud, Director, Rajbhasha, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India conducted the workshop for all the officers & staff members of the Centre in which 40 officials participated. During the workshop, Shri Gaud highlighted the importance of Hindi Language in official use and encouraged the officials to use Hindi Language in their day-to-day work.

Commemoration of Anniversary of the World’s First Cosmonaut’s Flight
The Consulate General of Russian Federation in Mumbai in collaboration with the Centre commemorated the 85th Birth Anniversary of the World’s First Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on 12th April, 2019. On the occasion, HE Aleksey V. Surotsev, The Consul General of Russia in Mumbai, Dr. S.V. Fandeev, Vice Consul & Director of Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Mr. Sergey Zhogov, Director, Russian Consulate School in Mumbai, Dr. Sanjay Deshpande, Director of Center for Central Eurasian studies, Mumbai University along with 45 other dignitaries and school children paid tribute to the World’s First Cosmonaut. 

Innovation Hub
19th batch of the Innovation Hub has started at the Centre on 13th April, 2019 for the quarter April to June, 2019. 33 students have enrolled for integrated science whereas 24 students have enrolled for the Jr. Robotics batch. During the month, 7 sessions were conducted in which the students were given out of the box thinking puzzles and problems and hands on activities in physics, chemistry, bio and robotics.

Observance of Swachhta Pakhwada
Swachhta Pakhwada was observed at the Centre from 16th – 30th April, 2019. The programme started with a Swachhta pledge on 16th April, 2019.  Swachhta Pledge was taken by the officers and the staff members. Swachhta signature campaign was also organised for the staff members and the general visitors in which they have to read out the pledge and put their signatures on the flex. This was followed by   Shramadan by the staff members. In all 740 visitors participated in the signature campaign during the period.  In order to create awareness among the people,  3 open house quizzes on the topics Nutrition, Health & Hygiene, slogan writing and 14 short films shows on Swachh Bharat Sundar Bharat were organized for the visitors during the period.   About 160 visitors in the quiz, 23 in drop your slogan contest and 560 visitors participated in the film shows. On 23rd April, a workshop on organic composting was organized for teachers and parents. Shri Shrikant Parab, Director Asia Affairs of DGHI was the resource person for conducting the workshop. The participants were told about how to make Zero garbage society by making organic compost from the kitchen garbage. After the workshop the participants visited the organic composting plant and biogas plant. 40 teachers and parents attended the workshop. In order make people aware about Health and Hygiene, live hand wash demonstrations were organized on 24th & 25th April, 2019 in collaboration with Haffkine Institute for Training Research and Testing, Mumbai. About 325 visitors including school students attended and practiced hand wash demonstrations.

In addition to the above, every day cleaning of different areas in the premises of centre like exhibition galleries, science park area, workshops, office, toilets and other facilities of the centre were also undertaken.

Astronomy and Sky observation session at NMMC Schools
On the request of The Learning Links foundation, an NGO working in the field of education for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC),  the Centre conducted two sessions on Observational Astronomy on 15th and 16th of April, 2019 in NMMC Schools at Sanpada and Airoli followed by sky observation programmes.  All the students and their parents enjoyed watching the Moon, constellations like Orion, Auriga, Canis Major along with their ancient stories and the planet Mars. Around 50 students and parents attended the sky observation session on each day.

Seminar on “Energy from Waste”
The Centre in association with Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and Mumbai Green City organised a Half Day Seminar on “ENERGY FROM WASTE” on 20th April 2019.  Mumbai is losing about 40 hectares per year of precious and spacious area by storing about 7000 tonnes per day of Solid Waste at Landfills located at Deonar, Kanjurmarg etc. World over these wastes are being processed to produce Electricity, Fuel Oil, Bio Gas, Chemicals etc and drastically improving Quality of Life and Health of people. With similar aim and possibilities in India, Shri  Sunil Nayyar from AG Dauters Waste Processing Pvt. Ltd., Delhi talked on “Mumbai: A Self Sustainable City”. He discussed Plasma Gasification of Solid Waste to produce Synthesis Gas, Potable Water etc. and Synthesis Gas in turn will produce Chemicals and Electricity. Shri Ajit Gadgil from GD Environment described the Commercial Plant in operation at Pune.  Shri Sumedh Bapat from Tattva Consultants discussed manufacturing of Biogas at Pune from Solid Waste. Dr. Anurag Garg from IIT Bombay mentioned various options of Energy from Waste in India. Shri Pundlik Awate, Former Chief Engineer of MCGM showed various projects by MCGM concerning Energy from Waste. Lastly Shri Nitin Umbralkar from Ion Exchange [India] Ltd. discussed their commercial project concerning Integrated Solid Waste Management. Prof. Shyam Asolekar of IIT Bombay chaired  the Technical Session. In all about 270 people participated in the seminar.

Symposium on How and Why of Learning Disabilities for Teachers
BASE in collaboration with Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai organized a two day symposium on “How and Why of Learning Disabilities” during April 19-20, 2019. 30 school teachers from Mumbai region schools attended the symposium and actively participated in the deliberations. The objective of the symposium was to equip teachers to with ability to manage when they come across students with learning disabilities. Also teachers should be aware of the underlying causes of these disabilities. The symposium addressed both these aspects of learning disabilities. Learning disabilities and issues related with autism, hearing impairment, dyslexia and visual impairment were discussed at length. There was representation from Education department also sharing about the facilities given by Education Department to students with learning disabilities. A teacher also narrated her experiences of dealing with such students. Teachers also visited a few facilities of NSC Mumbai.

Earth Day Celebration
Earth day was celebrated at the centre on 22nd April, 2019 by organising special science on a sphere show on mother earth for the students as well as teachers and general public. During the day, 3 shows were conducted. In all 105 visitors attended the shows. After science on a sphere show,  short film on Earth was also screened throughout the day in the reception area of the centre. 5 film shows were conducted. About 850 visitors witnessed the film shows. Open house quiz on Earth Sciences and Health & Hygiene was also conducted in which 60 visitors participated. The prizes were given to the winners on the spot for giving correct answer.

Science Sparkle Workshop
As a part of Creative Science Workshop, Science Sparkle workshop for the small kids of Std 3rd to 5th was organised at the Centre during 22nd – 24th April, 2019. 62 students participated and made 62 sets of 15 projects, like paper rockets, paper helicopter, cup helicopter, Flying fish, oscillating woodpecker, straw sprinkler, etc. by using low cost materials

Robotics Workshop
The first batch of Jr. Robotics workshop for students of std. 5th to 7th was conducted from 22nd  to 25th April 2019 at Innovation Hub Robotics Lab in which 23 students participated. During these 4 days’ workshop the students made basic boat assemblies to test 3 types of sensor responses viz. Touch Sensor, Colour Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor with EV3 Controller of LEGO MINDSTROMS Core Set. With the help of LEGO Software, students made their programs and tested on EV3 Controller. To control boat movement, they made projects to test Line Follower, Obstacle Avoider, Wall Follower, Touch Controlled Robot, Forward-Backward Movement, Different types of Turning Robots, Movement in different paths like Square, Rectangular, Angular Path of Infinity Figure, etc.

On 25th April, 2019 on the basis of tasks performed each day and programming concepts of different logics; students participated in “1 minute competition” to complete the specified task of the competition, in a teams of 3 students in which all teams / participants performed well and qualified. Students also introduced with STEMA Concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art) to find out real world problems and their possible solutions with the gained knowledge of robotics / programming.
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
To commemorate 100 years of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, during 13th April to 12th May, 2019 events like story telling, essay writing contest, online quiz, painting contest, film shows are being organized at the Centre.  Video clip on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre is being screened for the visitors daily in the reception area from 15th April, 2019. Till 30th April, 15 shows were organized for about 450 visitors.